Disability Support Services: A great resource at SBU

Krystan Lenhart, a senior psychology and political science student, had a rough semester this fall. Born with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that permanently affects body movements and muscle coordination, Lenhart was able to control her disabilities for years through medication. Unfortunately, this past summer her condition drastically took a turn for the worse. Her body, not responding to the medication, started having a series of episodes where her muscles stretched painfully, leaving her momentarily incapacitated.  Due to this she couldn’t walk anymore and started moving around in a wheelchair, at least until her situation can be corrected. Continue reading

SBU Hilton Hotel: To build or not to build?

Last Friday I attended a debate between Stony Brook University Vice President for Facilities & Services Barbara Chernow and Professor Malcolm Bowman of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at the SAC’s Auditorium. The issue at hand? Whether if it was right to proceed with the construction of a five story, 135 room Hilton hotel right at SBU’s Main Entrance. Continue reading

Scenes of Fall

Sunset at Smith Point Beach
Photo: by Rachelle S. Johnson

September is my new beginning.  That’s when I make resolutions for the next 11 months.  The season is full of color and life with leaves changing colors, beautiful sunsets, cooler temperatures and great food of the holidays to come.  In my opinion, fall fashion is the most fabulous of all the other fashionable seasons, with fashion week celebrated all over the country.

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Please enjoy  the slideshow of the fall season.  Then, take the poll below.

Photo: By Rachelle S. Johnson

Stony Brook’s homecoming parade and barbeque

Stony Brook’s had its homecoming festivities last weekend and this photo gallery briefly shows what happened at the homecoming parade and the pre-game barbeque. In the parade, students from all quads and building came out and shows their dorm pride and school spirit.

After the parade, students ate and talked with their friends at the barbeque, which served as the precursor to Wolfstock’s grand finale: the Stony Brook homecoming football game.

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Stonybrooksucks.com – The Ultimate Form of Procrastination

We’re officially on week three of classes, and the soul-numbing reading we’ve casually abandoned since the first day of classes is more or less, catching up to us at a full-out sprint (I’m talking Usain-Bolt fast, here).

Long story short, it’s fully about to tackle us face-first into the goose excrement-tainted waters of Roth Pond and leave us there to float facedown amongst the lillypads for an unspecified amount of time-that is, unless, we actually get cracking on some of those assignments.

But really, who has the time for that when there are so many interesting and time-consuming methods of distraction on the Internet these days?


Photo: http://www.myspace.com/kailayu

I’ve been spending an unhealthy amount of time here lately as I systematically avoid doing anything of educational value. I’m not sure how many people have already stumbled upon this, but if you require a briefing, it’s essentially the Fail Blog of Stony Brook University. Launched in 2001, the site is one massive rant about the observed shortcomings (yes, there are pictures) of our beloved undergraduate institution.  I’m sure that we all have our stories attesting to the blunt premise the site delivers…but somehow, it’s kind of refreshing to know that we actually have a place to voice these complaints without appearing whiney, unappreciative or just plain pessimistic.

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Looking for a job?

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty worried about getting a job once I graduate from Stony Brook. Being a journalism major the prospectives are difficult if not bleak. But, hey, nowadays, with the crisis going on, journalists are not the only ones that are facing tough professional times. So, what to do? Start by using all of the resources available on campus. The best place? The Career Center. Continue reading