Stony Brook News Literacy Program is Branching Out

I emerged from the final lecture of News Literacy in the spring of 2008 happily armed with a shiny red slogan button, complimentary ice cream sandwich (much appreciated) and an overwhelming sense of relief (three to four written assignments per week had not exactly been my idea of a fun time).

Aside from the broad sense of accomplishment I felt at the thought of finally evacuating the bottom-tier social rung occupied by lowly freshmen, I’ll admit that I had picked up a little something else, as well…yes, with my newfound ability to scrutinize and evaluate the credibility of everything that even resembled hard news, I would eventually rule the world—or, at the very least, boost my ability to pass a news quiz.

To provide you with some insight, here’s a quick rundown of the program courtesy of Dean Howard Schneider:

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School of Journalism Technology Reflects Changing Industry


Stony Brook University Newsroom


For those of you pursuing a career in journalism, you might want to check out this recent piece courtesy of the Chronicle of Higher Education. Worried that talented young writers are collectively ditching their dreams of producing Pulitzer Prize-winning press-stoppers en masse in exchange for…I don’t know, an M.B.A. (or some other heinously boring degree)? Luckily, the Chronicle of Higher Education would like to assuage your apprehensions with some simple, yet bluntly comprehensive advice: just STOP.

Or, as the irritatingly optimistic a capella song suggests, “don’t worry, be happy.” However, I suppose I should mention that this particular song debuted years before the era of private equity.

But, hey…everything’s going to be fine, right? I mean, according to this, throngs of J-schoolers are flooding major programs in dozens of colleges and universities nationwide…despite the thinning job market of which they are constantly-and I do mean pretty near constantly-reminded.

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