Campus recreation: Swimming Pool

Because there are always only few people swimming I would like to point out that SBU has an open pool in the Indoor Sports Complex (ISC). There are open pool hours every day so it is free for students to enter. You can pick up a schedule at the beginning of every month and go as often as you want. Though the time periods are short and at weird times, for instance in the morning from 9 to 10 or in the middle of the day from 12.45 to 2 it is enough time to work out and relax afterwards. The pool is divided into 6 lines, two for fast swimmers, two for medium and two for slow.

So why not go swimming once in a while, it’s free and fun!

This is the link to the schedule:

Campus recreation: Intense Cross Training

This class will make your arms look like those of a bodybuilder, well maybe in two years.

Intense Cross Training is offered by Liz on Wednesday nights from 6.25pm until 7.20pm. This class is a more “calm” one compared to the two others I told you about. It has nothing to do with speed or running but with muscle strength. You will use all the utensils you can see in the picture: different weights, heavy bars and the flexible circles you can see on the left. This class makes sense especially if you combine it with a high-pulse one to complete your weekly training.

If you cannot force yourself to go sometimes and even the thought of the massive cake you just ate doesn’t help maybe the fact that you already paid 100 Dollars per semester will do it.

Campus recreation: Kickboxing

The Kickboxing Class with Jemi takes place on Tuesday nights 6.20pm until 7.15pm in the Indoor Sports Complex (ISC) Dance Studio. As I already mentioned in my last post this class will calm down your anger. You are supposed to kick and box your imaginary opponent and as you are training hard for one hour you can also ease your guilty conscience about the last bar of chocolate. Make sure to be on time to receive a wristband because this class is pretty popular. But don’t force yourself to come if you don’t like jumping jacks, because you will do lots of them.

Campus recreation: Boot Camp

SBU offers a very good Campus Recreation Program. There are between 4 and 9 courses every weekday. The schedule shows a wide range of different trainers and types of sports. You can enjoy a Spinning class every day or try a Pilates class or calm down your anger with Kickboxing.

I can highly recommend Dan’s class “Boot Camp” on Friday afternoon 1pm until 1.55pm taking place in the SAC Aerobic Studio (located at the lower level next to the bank). It is a total body workout that makes you gasp and sweat. It starts with regular jogging in a circle, goes on with weight exercises for your arms and shoulders and continues with push-ups and sit-up combinations on a mat. It is definitely a tough training but it’s worth the stress. You will feel proud and relieved when you take a shower afterwards and maybe soon feel ready to attend “Advanced Boot Camp” on Tuesday nights.