Job Search in the Recession

It’s difficult facing the challenges of todays job market. The repercussions of the recession are felt everywhere. Some college students are worried about what this impact may have on them in the near future. Job Search  Page  features Stony Brook Students who express these concerns.

The Backpack Program

On a Friday afternoon in rural Moberly Missouri, needy children pick up a backpack before they leave school.  The backpack program was started by teachers in the elementary school who realized many of their students go hungry over the weekend. I read about the effects the recession has had on some families on CNN.

Hungry students tell a  teacher who then reaches out to a parent.  If the parents agrees, the teacher leaves a backpack lined by a wall at the school.  They don’t want to embarrass the child, so teachers don’t write names on the pack.

The weekend supplies include peanut butter,  canned fruit, cereal bars and ravioli.  I was touched by the teachers initiative and stunned at the effects the recession has had on America’s children. The story of these kids sure makes me even more grateful.

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