Halloween Cupcakes


Baking cupcakes for a special occasion or holiday can be a great way to express your cooking creativity. Halloween is coming up and you can easily make jack-o-lanterns, spider webs and even eyeball looking cupcakes. A few things such as food coloring, icing tubes and candies can turn an iced cupcake into a festive treat. Continue reading

Pillsbury-Brownie Minis


Pillsbury has a new baking product out on the market called Brownie Minis. I recently tried their mini brownie bites and  I will be buying another box!

Pillsbury provides everything you need to bake the brownies including the disposable baking tray. It’s really easy for college students because it requires you to add only one ingredient, water. A few tablespoons to the pre-packaged mix, a few stirs to incorporate it and your batter is all set to go. Continue reading