Outrageous fees for Stadium parking lot

I am one of those few fortunate commuters that after waiting almost two years, finally got permission to park at the lot next to the Stadium and right behind the Student Union. So, this year, it was time to renew my parking rights, (because yes, there is a fee to park over there, waiting two years is not enough) and guess what? They are charging $150. I flipped out when I saw the amount. My goodness, isn’t it enough that we have to pay for a high tuition, expensive textbooks, expensive food and a lot of other things like gas and car insurance? This is totally wrong… besides, what they have done with that entire parking lot doesn’t make sense anyway. Last year they converted one huge area of the whole parking lot into a paying meter parking ($1.50/hour). The result? very few spaces left for faculty/staff and commuter students and a lot of almost-always-empty, meter parking spaces. This year I’m taking the bus.

Photo: picasaweb.google.com