New York Wall Street Journal Comes at an Awkward Time for New York Times


So, it seems that New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller has fallen short of his goal of clipping 100 newsroom jobs off the payroll this year. According to the New York Post, it seems as though only 50 unionized newsroom employees agreed to take buyouts so far. Last Monday, Times executives were forced to make the choice for the remaining lot who had yet to make a decision before the deadline.

In addition, according to the New York Observer, the Times staff plans on cutting an estimated 70 of its blogs from the homepage.

Cue Rupert Murdoch, the quintessential media boogeyman who always seems to be lurking behind every corner of the news industry. This April, the News Corp. giant plans to launch a New York City edition of his Wall Street Journal headed by John Seeley, a former editor of the New York Sun. The $15 million price tag will go towards the creation of a sparkling new newsroom and marketing staff.

With the new staff covering a range of topics from local politics to culture and sports, things could soon get heated between the Wall Street Journal and the Times.

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Thrillist Junket Kills Albo’s “Times” Column



Not too long ago, I read a post about a recent Thrillist/JetBlue-sponsored Jamaican getaway for “press people” that not only involved free airfare and lodging at a luxury hotel, (hot tub and personal butler included) but a heaping ton of valid ethical questions, as well.

Now that the F.C.C. is proposing a law that well-known bloggers disclose freebies to preserve the ideal of transparency on the Web, some are asking whether established mainstream media outlets should be required by law to follow their example.

For those of you who are hell-bent on going medieval on every allegedly ‘independent’ reporter and publisher who spent last weekend in a Jägar-scented pile of free tee-shirts and drunk co-workers, this ought to be a treat.

Now, it seems that someone from the glorified ‘big media’ sector has actually suffered the consequences of participating in the latest Thrillist junket. The victim: New York Times columnist Mike Albo.

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