Lose It!

 The days of eating on the run, has finally caught up with me. I have gained nearly 15 pounds in the past 2 years. There’s a closet full of clothes I cannot fit into.  At first I denied my weight gain. I was combative with  friends and family members who jokingly commented on my rounding face. “You’re not as thin as you used to be either,” I responded.

Yet when I look at all the clothes in my closet that I can no longer fit, probably more than half , and health issues Ive never had before, I know I have to face the problem. But I need a partner. It doesnt have to be a person just something that will hold me accountable.

To this end Im trying out a free application for my I-phone, named Lose It.  I cant afford a trainer.  It asks for my current weight, then my goal weight, gender, height and birthdate.  Then I selected a plan to lose 2 pounds a week. According to the Lose It, I have a “daily calorie budget” of 1120 and if I stick to the plan I should achieve my target weight by November 15, 2009.

Photo from www.coutureinthecity.com/

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