What’s With Those Sexual Commercials Trying To Sell…Jeans or Perfume?

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You know how the saying goes ‘sex sells’, but does it really go too far.  Recently, my roomate and I were watching a commericial and it was so sexual that we would have never imagined that it had anything to do with perfume or jeans.  All we said was, “What’s with that?”  I believe that you are still able to sell those products without all the excess sexual content…its soo weird.

Dora the Explorer All Grown Up and Controversial


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Yes, little Dora the Explorer, adored by many young children for more than ten years on T.V has  grown up and is stirring up much controversy among the parents of young children on a global scale.  

Nickelodeon/Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) made a decision to introduce  a whole new way to look at Dora for Dora fans five years and up. This revolutionary initiative, featuring fashion dolls and accessories.  Both companies believe that the new brand extension will empowers girls to influence and change the lives of Dora and her new friends.

According to nydailynews.com:“Dora the Explorer has been one of the most successful properties for nearly a decade, with an average of 21.1 million viewers, including 6 million preschoolers, tuning into the television show each month,” explained Leigh Anne Brodsky, president, NVCP. “We are thrilled to partner with Mattel to develop this brand extension that will enable girls to continue to learn and interact with their Latina heroine, Dora, as they grow up together.”

In my opinion I think the toy companies should have left little Dora alone.  We have to many “grown up” dolls being marketed already, such as those skimpy looking Bratz  or ‘boy obsessed’ Barbie dolls.  One thing I really couldn’t help but speak about, is how Dora has now moved to the city and is now in middle school, ok cool, your in middle school, but the city? Isn’t she a bit too young to be making those type of moves, considering the fact I still live at home with my parents as do most college students in their twenties.  And I wonder what type of topics Dora will focus on now? Boys? Make up?  I guess we will just have to watch and see.

Ok, So I’m Not Tired, So Why Am I Yawning?

It’s something that 21-year-old Stony Brook University student, Mollie Auguste, can’t help but do, yawn.  And no, its not because she is tired, bored, or has the need to stretch out, its just that every time her roommate at school would yawn, she would find herself involuntarily doing the same exact action, without even thinking about it.  “I guess it  doesn’t matter who it is where you are, what you’re doing,” She states. I find that when somebody yawns I usually yawn also and it’s weird. In fact Mollie isn’t the only one who experiences contagious yawning, everyone does, including household pets and animals in the wild.  And as readers are reading this article, at some point, they may find themselves yawning as well.

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Tim Burton at MOMA

We are all familiar with Tim Burton the producer/filmmaker but very few of us were familiar with Tim Burton the artist until just a few weeks ago when The Museum of Modern Art, MOMA, opened a retrospective exhibit on the unreleased artworks of the blockbuster hit maker. Some of the material dates back as far as 37 years ago, one video is a silent short film collection dating back to 1971, from Burton’s private collection. Most of the work in the exhibit include early sketches from some of his most famous films like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Edward Scissor Hands”. Although the exhibit has been up since November 22, its still getting lots of buzz.

Tickets for the exhibit are sold online on MOMA’s Website. Prices range from $12-$20. Full time students with student ID can get in for $12 and children sixteen and under are free. MOMA urges that visitors be aware that the gallery occupancy is limited so you can guarantee your entrance to the exhibit any time during the exhibit hours 10:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. The ticket also allows access to other exhibits at MOMA. For more information visit “Buy Tickets” on the MOMA site. The exhibit will go on through April 26, 2010.

Tim Burton fans might enjoy this “Behind the Scenes: Tim Burton at MOMA” video. He talks a great deal about his childhood and his inspirations behind his artwork.

Alexander McQueen’s Alien Shoes

These amazing yet painful to watch shoes debuted on the runway of Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 line. Even Lady Gaga wore them in her new video for “Bad Romance.” Before the pop star wore the shoes, there was a demand for them by many women who wanted to buy them as art pieces. These shoes are 10-inch stilettos that appear more eye-friendly than foot-friendly.

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Greenwich Village Flooded By Ghouls and Goblins

A rainy night did not stop revelers from celebrating at Greenwich Village’s annual Halloween parade. Costumed people roamed the downtown area all day, but the action reached a crescendo with a procession of floats down Sixth Avenue. Though there were less floats than in past years, it was earlier rumored that only three would appear. Due to a “Daily News” article that reported only 3 floats had registered by October 8th local businesses became involved and in the end there were 12 floats involved in the parade.
Though the parade goers were drenched in a downpour and stuck in a flood of water in the city streets, the party continued. Notable costumes included several Lady Gagas, Ghostbusters and “piano cats.” As always, witch, ghost and demon costumes were also prevalent.

The parade has been a fixture in the community for years and has become an instant tradition for city dwellers and bridge-and-tunnel crowds alike. It is clear that this year’s Halloween parade was a success despite the weather, but we can hope for clearer skies next year.

Michael Jackson Haunts Downtown Manhattan

Lady Gaga’s Looks Can Kill…Literally

Image Credits: entertainmentwise.com

Lady Gaga arrived at the ACE Awards, hosted at NYC restaurant Cipriani’s Accessories Council. She arrived clad in a black lace headpiece and striking dark makeup. Celebrity photographer A.J. Sokalner, was there along with many members of the media community vying for pictures of the fashionista.

Sokalner suddenly collapsed, but many of the other photographers thought he had just fainted. Witnesses said they saw him already blue in the face and medics had come to give him CPR. Unfortunately when he fell he hit his head on the floor but didn’t make it. He suffered a massive heart attack, according to doctors.

Dance around the World

Here is someone who definitely walked, or let’s say danced all around the world:

Yesterday I booked my flight to Miami, so my project Walk around the World will be continued soon!

Discounted caskets at Walmart

I don’t know about you…but this does sound a little weird…

You can tell we’re still in an economic recession when WalMart starts selling discounted caskets. Customer loyalty has reached now the after-life, reports an article from the Associated Press. It turns out this is nothing new. Rival Costco has also started selling caskets in an attempt to lure customers from  the major seller: funeral homes.

The cheaper casket  I have found at Costco is the “Mom Remembered” or “Dad Remembered” and it costs $924. They’re not wood, but steel. Walmart beats the price by $30 since the same one costs $895. This is a big difference with traditional funeral homes, where a casket costs $2000 and up.

I guess that death is also a commodity, even more so during a recession…so, if it makes it easier for a family to mourn for their loved ones without having to stress about money…who’s to judge?