MTA Trying Planning More Cuts

I recently just read an article on the New York Times online site that really caught my eye. It said that the MTA is revealing plans tomorrow to cut two subway lines and to make students pay full fare for rides. There is also talk about trains running less frequently. Continue reading

Vacation Couldn’t Be Any Cheaper

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With the way the economy is currently, I’d say its a good opportunity to take advantage of taking a vacation in a cruise, while the prices are extremely low.  According to you could save up to 80% on last minute cruises.  Get this: A quick getaway cruise for example to the bahamas for 3 days is as low as $179, and bonus offers include free onboard spending, free stateroom upgrade, reduced booking deposits and more! I guess one could say the current economy has its bad and good sides. So what are you waiting for…you know you need a vacation after you take all those finals!

Stony Brook Study Abroad Office

For many students at Stony Brook University, studying abroad is something they don’t know much about. For Journalism student April Warren, participating in the China Silk Road study abroad program last summer was one of the most rewarding experiences of her academic career.

“I took out of it a greater sense of adventure and quest for knowledge,” said Warren. “I was constantly asking our guides random questions and just always wanting to know more.”

Warren’s trip took her from Beijing to the West of China and back again. At the end of 10 days, the group had traveled the distance of New York to Denver, Colorado. Along the way, the Stony Brook University students and Chinese students studying alongside them discussed their cultural differences, Warren said.

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Megabus Holiday Deals and Giveaway Holiday Getaways

Flight tickets during the holiday season are pricey and it can be a hassle getting around in the airports during the holidays. Reports have been all over the news about the staggering airline ticket costs this year. The New York Times had one article in particular that came out early this fall about the sharp jump in holiday ticket prices that seems to grow exponentially as the winter holidays near. Fortunately for those of us traveling along the northeast, midwest and Canada, Megabus offers a much cheaper travel alternative. As part of their “Winter Getaway” they are giving away 100,000 seats, FREE! Just enter the promotion code GETAWAY, check out for more details.

Megabus is a low-cost bus service that has been in buisness since 2006. It started in the UK. For quite a while I had heard about it by word of mouth and I decided to try it a few months ago on a trip to from Syracuse, NY to New York City. I snagged a ticket for $5 one-way, a round-trip flight would have cost me around $200 and thats $31 less than I would have paid for another coach service like Greyhound and it was actually more comfortable. I enjoyed the fact that it was a double -decker coach bus because I was able to enjoy the view from the upper level. The only problem I found was that most of the deals were offered  for bus schedules with odd hours, there are no outlets like Boltbus and the free wi-fi they advertise does not offer that strong a connection.