SBU Hilton Hotel: To build or not to build?

Last Friday I attended a debate between Stony Brook University Vice President for Facilities & Services Barbara Chernow and Professor Malcolm Bowman of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at the SAC’s Auditorium. The issue at hand? Whether if it was right to proceed with the construction of a five story, 135 room Hilton hotel right at SBU’s Main Entrance. Continue reading

Free WiFi Internet Access in Times Square

Starting Tuesday November 10th free WiFi is available between 43rd and 44th streets due to a partnership between Yahoo and the Times Square Alliance.

The exact location of the Internet zone is by the pedestrian plaza where the “TKTS” discount booth is.

When the WiFi connection first went up on November 10th users were greeted with a free hot cup of coffee. Surrounding apartments in the area also are reaping the benefits of free Internet access.

In this WiFi zone passerbyers can even borrow laptops on a “first come, first serve,” basis according to the press release. The wireless Internet is also accessible to those on phones by clicking the “get started” button that leads to Internet set-up instructions.

The duration of this promotion is unknown, especially after free WiFi in central park ended in 2008 unannounced, two years after it was instated and seemingly with no replacement.

For now New York and its tourists are enjoying free Internet in the plaza due to Yahoo. Yahoo rival, Google is providing free WiFi connections in 47 airports through January 15.

Luxury Cell Phones…Are They Worth It?

Cell phones are expensive enough and the bills that go with it, but seriously there are phones that are worth thousands of dollars. Call it a fashion statement if you will but these beautiful pieces of technology are better worth looking at in a museum than buying. If you have the money then, by all means knock yourself out but all I know is that I just need a cell phone that will let me have good reception let alone function. 

The Vertu, which is a British brand of luxury phones, debuted in 2002, and its newest model called the Constellation Ayxta. It goes for about $6,500, in stainless steel, while precious metal versions range up to $8,600.

Christian Dior, working with ModeLabs, the French manufacturer that TAG Heuer partnered with on the Meridiist, recently introduced the second-generation version of its luxury Dior phone. This phone up against iPhones and other “app phones,” falls short on functionality. They go for about $13,000 and ranges up to $50,000 for precious metal versions. These include a lacquered wooden docking station, complete with built-in speakers and a USB device for simultaneous backup and charging. Its touchscreen measures 3.2 inches, or 81 millimeters, high-definition video playback, 32 gigabytes of internal memory and a 8-megapixel camera. It runs on Google’s Android mobile operating system.

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Brookhaven National Lab: an incredible place for incredible people


All students here probably know that Stony Brook University has a partnership with Brookhaven National Lab, but we’re not quite sure what it is or what is its purpose.
I recently went on a field trip with one of my classes and I was surprised to learn so much about this institution.

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New Wii Game From The Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked

Get your Wii remotes ready for some chopping, dicing, flipping, stirring and mashing. I was scrolling around, it’s a really awesome food blog, and I came across a post about a new Wii game. Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked was created by Food Network kitchens executive chefs and it is expected to be released in stores on Nov. 3. This food friendly video game puts you inside the kitchen and tests your cooking skills. Sounds neat right? Once you finish cooking your entree it is judged by top Food Network staff members.You better hope you did a good job or else your dish is going to get bad reviews.

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WUSB 90.1 FM Stony Brook

Stony Brook’s radio station 90.1 WUSB Stony Brook has been broadcasting through Suffolk County since June 27, 1977. Since the time of its instatement, hundreds of students and community members have passed through its studios, playing music, giving their opinions and reaching out to the community over the radio waves.

WUSB is a student-run station, however, many students on the Stony Brook University campus don’t even know if its existence. Students can now train to be “air ready,” through WUSB’s many training sessions to help interested students be FCC ready to play their songs or speak their mind on the radio.

The station hasn’t been renovated in many years and every surface is plastered with stickers, stacked with boxes full of CDs and often inhabited by a few individuals moving the squeaky microphone around in order to get their thoughts and favorite music out to the people.

I personally have my own show, Good News Radio, every other Wednesday from 1-230 PM but at the beginning most students do overnight shifts where the FCC code is in “safe harbor hours.” This term means that certain curses are okay to play over the radio if it happens but it is definitely not advisable to play them anyway.

WUSB is an amazing station and a great place for aspiring journalists to train and have their own shows. Whether it is playing music, talking or just giving your opinion—the radio is a great outlet for all wanting to make their voice heard.

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Lower Prices And Losing Weight

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In my first blog, More Tuna Please, I wrote about eating on Stony Brook University’s campus, particularly the Union Deli. I thought the prices for food purchased locally on Long Island were too steep.  I’m happy to report there have been some changes. Fresh cold cut sandwiches are half the price they used to be.  The price fell from $8.33 to just over $4, but there also seems to be a new vendor.

Also, my efforts to lose weight have stalled.  My goal to lose 10-15  pounds is the same, but now I am looking for a new application for my I-phone.  The free I-phone application Lose It didn’t work for me.  I could not find the foods that I ate in the search menu to add up the calories, which defeats the whole purpose of  convenenience.  I dont mind counting calories as long as it’s not time consuming. The Lose It application was time consuming.


Stony Brook Journalism School Should Show Off Student Bloggers


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I stumbled upon this article about paid student bloggers at M.I.T. last night as I was sifting through old issues of the New York Times, (I’m clearly more than a little behind on my daily news consumption ritual) when The Obvious, rude and hulking, mowed me down like a 10-ton freight train.

We should really be doing this at Stony Brook…or at least, on a smaller scale, within the journalism department.

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Lose It!

 The days of eating on the run, has finally caught up with me. I have gained nearly 15 pounds in the past 2 years. There’s a closet full of clothes I cannot fit into.  At first I denied my weight gain. I was combative with  friends and family members who jokingly commented on my rounding face. “You’re not as thin as you used to be either,” I responded.

Yet when I look at all the clothes in my closet that I can no longer fit, probably more than half , and health issues Ive never had before, I know I have to face the problem. But I need a partner. It doesnt have to be a person just something that will hold me accountable.

To this end Im trying out a free application for my I-phone, named Lose It.  I cant afford a trainer.  It asks for my current weight, then my goal weight, gender, height and birthdate.  Then I selected a plan to lose 2 pounds a week. According to the Lose It, I have a “daily calorie budget” of 1120 and if I stick to the plan I should achieve my target weight by November 15, 2009.

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