Budget Cuts Bring Class Cuts

It’s that time of year again, when students begin registering for next semester’s classes. However, students at Stony Brook University are becoming increasingly angered with the spring semester’s course offerings, or lack thereof.

Since Governor Patterson announced the SUNY-wide budget cuts, students have been encountering schedules devoid of classes needed to graduate with their majors. Both the POL and EST departments have urged their students to take needed classes over the winter or summer sessions, when less students are taking class. But as many students have pointed out, taking classes at these times is both costly and inconvenient.

“They charge extra,” said a business major, who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s irrational to think people can afford those extra charges and get here in the summer.”

Students who’ve sought out help, according to this source, have been told that the lack of classes is something departments can’t do anything about. The departments’ solutions involving both POL and EST have been highly advocating spending the breaks at the University.

With New York State constituents angry, as budget cuts threaten public elementary, middle and high schools as well, it is a hope that senators will fight harder for all public school funding and that Governor Patterson will finally see that education is not a place to cut corners. 

Career Center Governmental Job Fair

Its always good to know that there are still hirings amongst all the talk and bad news in the media about unemployment and the recession. It’s even better news to hear that they are looking for Stony Brook University students.

January 15, 2010 the University Career Center will be hosting a government job fair. The event will be held in the University Sports Complex. It will take place from 12:00p.m.- 4:00p.m. Co-sponsered by congressman Tim Bishop.

Photo By: Stony Brook Career Center

Disability Support Services: A great resource at SBU

Krystan Lenhart, a senior psychology and political science student, had a rough semester this fall. Born with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that permanently affects body movements and muscle coordination, Lenhart was able to control her disabilities for years through medication. Unfortunately, this past summer her condition drastically took a turn for the worse. Her body, not responding to the medication, started having a series of episodes where her muscles stretched painfully, leaving her momentarily incapacitated.  Due to this she couldn’t walk anymore and started moving around in a wheelchair, at least until her situation can be corrected. Continue reading

Stony Brook University Runners Holly and Lucy van Dalen

New Zealand runners Holly and Lucy van Dalen have spent the past two years at Stony Brook University making history for a young Division I athletics program. With a series of school records and America East Conference titles to their credit, they are now entering a new phase of training that they hope will propel them to the medal stand at the NCAA Championships before they graduate.

Here is a link to my final project, which I chose to do on these Stony Brook standouts.

Stony Brook Study Abroad Office

For many students at Stony Brook University, studying abroad is something they don’t know much about. For Journalism student April Warren, participating in the China Silk Road study abroad program last summer was one of the most rewarding experiences of her academic career.

“I took out of it a greater sense of adventure and quest for knowledge,” said Warren. “I was constantly asking our guides random questions and just always wanting to know more.”

Warren’s trip took her from Beijing to the West of China and back again. At the end of 10 days, the group had traveled the distance of New York to Denver, Colorado. Along the way, the Stony Brook University students and Chinese students studying alongside them discussed their cultural differences, Warren said.

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The difficulties of being a non-traditional student

Ok, here we go..

I’m 27 years old, from Europe, I have a significant other, a beautiful 2-year-old son, a cat, a dog, and plenty of bills to pay, clothes to wash, toys to pick-up and supermarket trips to make. But, I also have school, and by that I mean double-major, full-time course load university school. Continue reading

Campus recreation: Swimming Pool

Because there are always only few people swimming I would like to point out that SBU has an open pool in the Indoor Sports Complex (ISC). There are open pool hours every day so it is free for students to enter. You can pick up a schedule at the beginning of every month and go as often as you want. Though the time periods are short and at weird times, for instance in the morning from 9 to 10 or in the middle of the day from 12.45 to 2 it is enough time to work out and relax afterwards. The pool is divided into 6 lines, two for fast swimmers, two for medium and two for slow.

So why not go swimming once in a while, it’s free and fun!

This is the link to the schedule: http://studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/rec/hours.shtml

Scarborough Study: Papers Holding Onto Readers

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bjorninge/1351839543/

Cheer up, fellow journalists! Newspaper companies may actually be holding onto their audiences with the romantic lure of their bulky ink-stained bundles of joy after all.

A recent Scarborough Research study found that an average of 74 percent of adults in the United States read a newspaper at some point in the past week, while 10 percent more college grads and/or those racking up six figure incomes did the same.

Oh, boy. Put down that Kleenex.

That odd sun-splotched patch of optimism we’ve so desperately needed in the bleak desert of the chronic bad news that is the media industry has finally arrived!

I think.



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News Signs in Javits Lecture Center

I was walking out of a peculiar journalism lecture last Friday afternoon (during which what I assumed to be a pledging frat boy interrupted class with an obscene exclamation and ran out followed by a friend with a video camera) when I noticed something perhaps equally strange inside Javits.

A sign. Finally, we students will be able to leave our lectures without having to scuttle around like mice in a maze in a disoriented, post-lecture daze frantically trying to relocate the door through which we entered the building.

My friend’s response: “How dumb can people be that they need a sign?”

My verbal answer: “I know, right?”

My mental answer: “Well, sometimes me.”

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Campus recreation: Intense Cross Training

This class will make your arms look like those of a bodybuilder, well maybe in two years.

Intense Cross Training is offered by Liz on Wednesday nights from 6.25pm until 7.20pm. This class is a more “calm” one compared to the two others I told you about. It has nothing to do with speed or running but with muscle strength. You will use all the utensils you can see in the picture: different weights, heavy bars and the flexible circles you can see on the left. This class makes sense especially if you combine it with a high-pulse one to complete your weekly training.

If you cannot force yourself to go sometimes and even the thought of the massive cake you just ate doesn’t help maybe the fact that you already paid 100 Dollars per semester will do it.