Hulk Hogan in Stony Brook


Smith Haven Mall is a sweet little shopping mall in a village called Stony Brook.

But not on Tuesday, October 27th. On this particular day there was a huge crowd waiting the whole day for one guy. This guy used to have a career in wrestling, but now he is more famous for being divorced, having a very young girlfriend and having a son who is in jail right now.

Yes it is Hulk Hogan and he was in Stony Brook!

Unfortunately he didn’t take any photos with people but only gave signatures in his book called “My life outside the ring”.

But finally I made it to get a photo with him:


The beauty of libraries

I recenty went to Barnes & Nobles. I  was looking for something fun that would take my mind off of school (and all of the other responsibilites of daily life) and when I was browsing the “New Arrivals” section I saw the latest book by Dan Brown, titled The Lost Symbol. Since The Da Vinci Code was so entertaining, I thought that by getting The Lost Symbol I would accomplish my distraction-from-real-life goal. Continue reading