Tai Show North Japanese Restaurant in East Setauket

Tai Show North located on Main Street is East Setauket is a fine Japanese Restaurant offering some very interesting sushi combinations and a one of a kind dining experience.

The restaurant has a variety of choices. You can choose to eat in the hibachi section or in the dinning area. Once in the dinning area, you can choose to eat in a screen enclosed booth.  The booths are located along a wall and there are movable screens that slide along a track. You step into the booth and then the waiter slides the Japanese inspired screen leaving you and your dinning buddies in a private and secluded area. I thought it was something really unique, I never ate in something like that before.

The menu offers a large selection of choices. They give you a small dish of edamame to munch on while you flip through the menu. Continue reading

The Bench


Within walking distance there is a little bar near the Campus. It is called The Bench and is located next to the Stony Brook train station. They have food like burgers and wings which is not expensive, they show sports games and most important: there’s a Lady’s night every Thursday night which means a 5$ admission and free drinks until midnight. Of course it’s not a Manhattan-hotspot and you will hardly ever meet Beyonce but it is a nice place to go with your friends. So there’s no more reason to stay in at night and call Stony Brook a “ghost city”.

Long Island Restaurant Week

Last week Fendy and I ventured out to Sayville and the Stony Brook Village Center to cover two restaurants participating in Long Island Restaurant Week. Long Island Restaurant week took place from November 1st untill November 8th.  During that week some of Long Island’s most exclusive  restaurants served entrees and other menu items at a discounted price that typically did not exceed $25 for a three course prix fixe meal. The event is a great opportunity for those who might otherwise not be able to afford to dine at these restaurants to experience them– and it fits a Stony Brook University students budget.

If you are interested in visiting any of the restaurants that participated in Long Island Restaurant week, just visit: http://www.longislandrestaurantweek.com/

New Starbucks Card Program Out Just in Time for the Holidays

After having successful runs in two recent programs, the Starbucks Gold and Starbucks reward, the coffee giant has decided to combine both programs into one easily useable Starbucks card. The change comes after complaints from customers, as well as a push for customer and brand loyalty to the company that is suffering at the hands of lower priced competitors including Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds. The card will begin activation on Dec. 26, 2009, the day after Christmas.

For Starbucks, brand loyalty is everything. After a less than stellar showing with the VIA instant coffee brand, the company is hoping to court both holiday sales and loyal customers with this new program. The program will make both the gold and reward cards obsolete and replace them with a new card. This card will come with three levels: Welcome, green and gold.

At the welcome level cardholders will receive a free birthday drink. At the green level cardholders can gain hours of free Wi-Fi access, coffee beans and syrups. The gold level features all of the benefits of the other levels, plus a free drink every 15 purchases and a card with the holder’s name on the front. To become a gold card member, only 35 visits per year are required, which translates to less than three per month.

It is Starbucks’ hope that the popularity of its older programs will be reproduced with this new card. I expect to see a line of caffeineaholics in Starbucks the day after Christmas.


Restaurant Week: Four Food Studio & Cocktail Salon


If you didn’t already know, it is Long Island restaurant week. Select restaurants all over Long Island created three-course prix fixe menus for a reasonable price of $24.95 per person.

I couldn’t resist and needed to take advantage of this awesome deal. Scrolling down the list of participating restaurants, Four Food Studio and Cocktail Salon in Melville was the winner. I have eaten their once before and I fell in love with the place. Normally, the prices are expensive. Restaurant Week allows people to dine at pricey, sophisticated restaurants for a great price.https://i2.wp.com/fo.odie.us/site_images_upload/directory/2009/06/16/19/FourFoodOrange300.jpg

Four’s decor is unique and the main reason why I enjoy this place so much. The dinning space is accented with bright colors of green, orange and yellow. Modern touches, elegant mood lighting and exceptional food presentation makes Four a one of a kind dinning experience.

Four changes their menu for each season providing diners with fresh, local and most importantly seasonal ingredients. Also, the different sections of the restaurant are inspired by the different seasons: winter, spring, autumn and summer. Continue reading

Eat Off Campus: Green Cactus Grill!

Across the train tracks and a short walk from campus is Green Cactus Grill, a restaurant specializing in healthy Mexican food — no MSG, lard or preservatives, and all natural ingredients.

Stony Brook has a Mexican option in the Union where many students complain that the prices for burritos and tacos are unreasonably high. At Green Cactus, many salads, tacos, burritos and appetizers are available for the fraction of the price. Two chicken tacos cost around $4.00 and the restaurant provides complimentary salsas for the chips that come with most orders.

Green Cactus Grill is a cozy restaurant, and many students and administrators from Stony Brook can be seen spending their lunch hour off campus. Green Cactus also provides meal deals and coupons on their Web site.

For many students, Green Cactus is a hidden gem yet to be discovered. However, once you’re a customer of Green Cactus, it’s hard to continue eating campus food.

Green Cactus has restaurants across Long Island including locations in Huntington and Wantagh.

Green Cactus is located at:

1099 Route 25A
Stony Brook, NY 11790-1924
(631) 751-0700


Golden Star


It’s been hard to find good asian food ‘out east’ Long Island.  My husband and I tried a number of chinese food restaurants only to be disappointed.  Alas we have one.  In fact, it  nearly tops our list of good asian food restaurants on the island.  Golden Star is located in Medford, New York. My favorite is General Tso Chicken. It’s just a 20 minute drive from Stony Brook University and a tasty treat.

Photo from:foodfortheeyes422.blogspot.com/ 2009_10_01_arc…

Sushi Secrets:What kind of fish are you getting when you order sushi?

I am came across this video on YouTube and it was really eye-opening, especially because I enjoy sushi and eat it at least once a week. Finding out that restaurants could be using other fish then what their menu says is very shocking.

In my own personal sushi experience something like that happened to me. I order a spicy tuna roll  in a Japanese restaurant in Binghamton, New York. When I received my order the spicy tuna was more of an orange color compared to its usual rich red color. It seemed as if they tried to serve me salmon instead of tuna. I didn’t make a compliment and just ate it anyway. However, after seeing this video I think I was in-fact served the wrong type of fish.

Keep an eye out and watch what kind of fish is being served on your plate the next time you order sushi.

Soup’s On across the tracks from Stony Brook University

Just across the train tracks and walking distance from Stony Brook, Soup’s On in is a hidden gem for students to get great quality food at affordable prices. Soup’s On specializes in homemade soups, sandwiches and as of late, ice cream.

For the health and economically conscious, Soup’s On is the ideal option. With soups ranging from Hungarian mushroom to Carrot Ginger, there is a good amount of variety for any health and food enthusiast.

The soups range from $3 to $5, depending on the size, and the line of people in Soup’s On always tends to be out the door—especially in the winter months. The tiny space also boasts many wraps including their original, “The Long Islander.”

It is very clear to any customer at Soup’s On, that the restaurant is a friendly and cozy space where students are often spotted nibbling on their freshly baked bread and reading a copy of one of the campus newspapers, which the restaurant stocks.

Soup’s On appeals to the student population, and those who are looking to a healthy alternative to the campus food. With such delicious and healthy food so close, why would I stay on campus?

Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Hauppauge


According to the Five Guys Burgers and Fries website, “there are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys.”

If you want a wholesome, gigantic and juicy burger, Five Guys Burgers and Fries is the place. It’s a franchise and has 300 locations in more than 25 states. The closest Five Guys to the Stony Brook Campus is on Veterans Highway in Hauppauge, which is about  a 15 minute drive from campus. Continue reading