Ok, So I’m Not Tired, So Why Am I Yawning?

It’s something that 21-year-old Stony Brook University student, Mollie Auguste, can’t help but do, yawn.  And no, its not because she is tired, bored, or has the need to stretch out, its just that every time her roommate at school would yawn, she would find herself involuntarily doing the same exact action, without even thinking about it.  “I guess it  doesn’t matter who it is where you are, what you’re doing,” She states. I find that when somebody yawns I usually yawn also and it’s weird. In fact Mollie isn’t the only one who experiences contagious yawning, everyone does, including household pets and animals in the wild.  And as readers are reading this article, at some point, they may find themselves yawning as well.

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Seasonal Flu Vaccines

The Stony Brook University Health Services center distributed flu shots in early-November. Vaccines were available for “eligible students” at the cost of $10.

With flu season at hand, it’s important for students to receive the vaccine, which stimulates their body to produce antibodies that protect against the flu virus.

Students who are either allergic to eggs or are sick at the time of the vaccination should not attempt to get the flu vaccine, as there could be detrimental side effects.

The Center for Disease Control considers all college age students at risk for developing the flu and instead of being sick during finals, it may be a better idea just to get the vaccination before it is too late.

Side effects of the vaccination can include a stiff, sore arm as well as flu-like symptoms. Those with side effects should contact the Student Health Center if symptoms don’t subside within 24 hours.

Stony Brook has had several other flu shots throughout the semester including an H1N1 shot. To find out where to get the shot now you should contact the Suffolk County Department of Health at (631) 853-3000.

Stony Brook Welcomes a New Campus Dining Provider

Coming back to campus this semester, it was evident that there was something different about the food. Returning students found new concepts, including a salad bar, in the Union, vegan options in Kelly Quad and updates to the SAC cafeteria, too.

The changes are due to the new campus food provider, Lackmann Culinary Services. Lackmann is the replacement for Chartwells, the company that had provided campus food for years. Lackmann’s goals are to provide cheap, delicious and healthy food to the campus body.

After an extensive search, including investigating the options at a large buffet-style dining hall, Lackmann was chosen due to its local ties and affordability for students according to the campus dining bid committee.

The new campus dining provider has also spearheaded the “china first” program in H-quad, a green initiative where students use real utensils while they eat. The company plans to extend this idea to other parts of the campus and to continue using biodegradable containers and utensils.

Though it is too early to tell what students think of the food, it is clear that changes involving campus dining were needed on campus due to student complaints. According to the campus dining bid committee, students had many concerns about Chartwells including prices, hospitality and the quality of the food.


The Student Activity Center during lunch time

Eat Off Campus: Green Cactus Grill!

Across the train tracks and a short walk from campus is Green Cactus Grill, a restaurant specializing in healthy Mexican food — no MSG, lard or preservatives, and all natural ingredients.

Stony Brook has a Mexican option in the Union where many students complain that the prices for burritos and tacos are unreasonably high. At Green Cactus, many salads, tacos, burritos and appetizers are available for the fraction of the price. Two chicken tacos cost around $4.00 and the restaurant provides complimentary salsas for the chips that come with most orders.

Green Cactus Grill is a cozy restaurant, and many students and administrators from Stony Brook can be seen spending their lunch hour off campus. Green Cactus also provides meal deals and coupons on their Web site.

For many students, Green Cactus is a hidden gem yet to be discovered. However, once you’re a customer of Green Cactus, it’s hard to continue eating campus food.

Green Cactus has restaurants across Long Island including locations in Huntington and Wantagh.

Green Cactus is located at:

1099 Route 25A
Stony Brook, NY 11790-1924
(631) 751-0700


Life Without Caffeine



Recently I wrote of my addiction to caffeine.  My preference was coffee.  If I couldn’t have that I would settle for a Pepsi.  But those days are over.  I’m happy to report I haven’t had a ‘cup of joe’ in over a month, but it has been a long month.  Yes I can focus a bit more but everything seems to move a bit slower including me.  Next, I’m going to try adjusting my diet and that B12 energy thing everyone’s raving about.

I’ll keep you posted!

Photo from: www.nlm.nih.gov/…/ ency/imagepages/19517.htm

Trying to Stay Fit While Living on Campus?

buff dude

Trying to stay fit by going to the gym is probably the last thing on our list of duties, among our daily grind of going to class, studying, doing homework, and getting some sleep! However, working out not only keeps you healthy, as you may all already know, it can help you to relax and conquer those daily tasks with more energy. Now I don’t mean look like the dude in that picture up above. But go when you to help you relax physically and mentally. How do I know? Well I go to the gym about twice a week. I tell you it’s a stress reliever for me, when I’m either climbing on that Stairmaster or stretching out while listening to my favorite song on my IPod.

But if the gym is not your thing, don’t fret there are other forms of exercise through many available classes at the SAC or the Pichard Gymnasium. You can choose from a whole list of choices such as spin cycle, kickboxing, yoga, and my favorite hip- hop dance class.

So what are you waiting for? Find the class that fits in your schedule. But don’t just sit there, try to stay fit!

Sushi Secrets:What kind of fish are you getting when you order sushi?

I am came across this video on YouTube and it was really eye-opening, especially because I enjoy sushi and eat it at least once a week. Finding out that restaurants could be using other fish then what their menu says is very shocking.

In my own personal sushi experience something like that happened to me. I order a spicy tuna roll  in a Japanese restaurant in Binghamton, New York. When I received my order the spicy tuna was more of an orange color compared to its usual rich red color. It seemed as if they tried to serve me salmon instead of tuna. I didn’t make a compliment and just ate it anyway. However, after seeing this video I think I was in-fact served the wrong type of fish.

Keep an eye out and watch what kind of fish is being served on your plate the next time you order sushi.

HIV Vaccine: A Suprising Medical Breakthrough


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It is probably one of the most anticipated medical breakthroughs of all times… a possible HIV vaccine.  Researchers and scientist have finally found an experimental vaccine that has surprisingly prevented infection with the AIDs Virus. 

Last Thursday in Bangkok, researchers have stated that after experimenting with 16,000 volunteers involved in the world’s largest aids trial, that the vaccine cut the risk of  those being infected with the AIDS virus by more than 31 percent.

What I think:  I think this is absolutely amazing, especially when I never thought such a breakthrough in research could actually happen in my lifetime.  When considering how many people in Africa, and all parts of the world that lose their life over the deadly AIDS epidemic, daily, its a sigh of relief for me and I believe a few others.  With this new HIV Vaccine, more lives could be saved.  I am probably one of many people that though that such a vaccine for such a disease was just talk.  But now I truly commend and truly believe in the scientists and researchers that are really doing arduous work and constant research that will change the face of this planet for the human race.  To them: I will applaud.

Lose It!

 The days of eating on the run, has finally caught up with me. I have gained nearly 15 pounds in the past 2 years. There’s a closet full of clothes I cannot fit into.  At first I denied my weight gain. I was combative with  friends and family members who jokingly commented on my rounding face. “You’re not as thin as you used to be either,” I responded.

Yet when I look at all the clothes in my closet that I can no longer fit, probably more than half , and health issues Ive never had before, I know I have to face the problem. But I need a partner. It doesnt have to be a person just something that will hold me accountable.

To this end Im trying out a free application for my I-phone, named Lose It.  I cant afford a trainer.  It asks for my current weight, then my goal weight, gender, height and birthdate.  Then I selected a plan to lose 2 pounds a week. According to the Lose It, I have a “daily calorie budget” of 1120 and if I stick to the plan I should achieve my target weight by November 15, 2009.

Photo from www.coutureinthecity.com/

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Soup’s On across the tracks from Stony Brook University

Just across the train tracks and walking distance from Stony Brook, Soup’s On in is a hidden gem for students to get great quality food at affordable prices. Soup’s On specializes in homemade soups, sandwiches and as of late, ice cream.

For the health and economically conscious, Soup’s On is the ideal option. With soups ranging from Hungarian mushroom to Carrot Ginger, there is a good amount of variety for any health and food enthusiast.

The soups range from $3 to $5, depending on the size, and the line of people in Soup’s On always tends to be out the door—especially in the winter months. The tiny space also boasts many wraps including their original, “The Long Islander.”

It is very clear to any customer at Soup’s On, that the restaurant is a friendly and cozy space where students are often spotted nibbling on their freshly baked bread and reading a copy of one of the campus newspapers, which the restaurant stocks.

Soup’s On appeals to the student population, and those who are looking to a healthy alternative to the campus food. With such delicious and healthy food so close, why would I stay on campus?