Gingerbread University: A Center for Edible Education Located in Riverhead, New York

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Gingerbread University: A Decorating Fantasyland for All Ages

The sweet aroma of gingerbread, colorful bins filled with candy, whimsical decorations and holiday jingles create a fantasyland for all ages year round.

Gingerbread University, located in eastern Long Island on Sound Avenue in Riverhead, is a center for edible education and expertise in the subject of “Gingerbreadology.” It’s a place where individuals come for a hands-on experience, decorating gingerbread houses and pieces. Continue reading

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Holiday Treat Recipes

Rice Krispies treats are really simple to make. The one thing that is great about home-made Rice Krispies is that you can mold and cut them out into any holiday shape you prefer. Spread on some store-bought icing and a few candies and sprinkles and you have a quick, simple and delicious holiday treat. Below are two recipes compliments of Rice Krispies website. Continue reading

Tai Show North Japanese Restaurant in East Setauket

Tai Show North located on Main Street is East Setauket is a fine Japanese Restaurant offering some very interesting sushi combinations and a one of a kind dining experience.

The restaurant has a variety of choices. You can choose to eat in the hibachi section or in the dinning area. Once in the dinning area, you can choose to eat in a screen enclosed booth.  The booths are located along a wall and there are movable screens that slide along a track. You step into the booth and then the waiter slides the Japanese inspired screen leaving you and your dinning buddies in a private and secluded area. I thought it was something really unique, I never ate in something like that before.

The menu offers a large selection of choices. They give you a small dish of edamame to munch on while you flip through the menu. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Side Dishes: Green Bean Casserole and Cinnamon Apple Cranberry Sauce has a huge selection of Thanksgiving recipes to cook and serve to your friends and family this holiday season. Two side dishes that are worth trying are Family Fresh Green Bean Casserole by Claire Robinson and Aaron McCargo Jr.’s Cinnamon Apple Cranberry Sauce.

I made the green bean casserole the other night as a side dish. I little early Thanksgiving treat. The dish was a hit. My family loved the crisp green beans, mushroom cream sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese that was melted all around the green beans. It will definitely make a great side dish to accompany roasted turkey.

This afternoon, I  prepared the cranberry sauce. It’s really simple to make and the chunks of apples, cinnamon and sugar create this wonderful aroma that fills the kitchen. It not clumpy or gelatin like those cranberry sauces you might buy in the can.  Hopefully, my family will enjoy the homemade cranberry sauce tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Eating!


Kraft’s Spinach-Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Spinach-Bacon Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft’s Spinach-Bacon Macaroni and Cheese is a warm and cheesy comfort dish. Crispy bits of bacon, fresh spinach are mixed with pasta in a creamy cheese sauce. This is way better then Kraft’s Easy Mac or Stouffers frozen macaroni and cheese.

Recipe Link: Spinach-Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Continue reading

Stony Brook Man of the Street: Thanksgiving

Stony Brook students have been busy studying, writing and cramping for midterms and exams. With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, students are looking forward to Thanksgiving break. I went out with a camera and asked students some questions about their favorite Thanksgiving foods and other things related to Thanksgiving. Watch the video and see what Stony Brook students have to say.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes


The Halloween cupcakes seem to have gotten a significant amount of hits so, I thought why not tell people about a really simple way to make a turkey inspired cupcakes.

I made these cupcakes I think last year for Thanksgiving. My family really enjoyed them. If you want to add a special touch to your Thanksgiving selection of desserts, these cupcakes will be perfect. Continue reading

Restaurant Week: Four Food Studio & Cocktail Salon

If you didn’t already know, it is Long Island restaurant week. Select restaurants all over Long Island created three-course prix fixe menus for a reasonable price of $24.95 per person.

I couldn’t resist and needed to take advantage of this awesome deal. Scrolling down the list of participating restaurants, Four Food Studio and Cocktail Salon in Melville was the winner. I have eaten their once before and I fell in love with the place. Normally, the prices are expensive. Restaurant Week allows people to dine at pricey, sophisticated restaurants for a great price.

Four’s decor is unique and the main reason why I enjoy this place so much. The dinning space is accented with bright colors of green, orange and yellow. Modern touches, elegant mood lighting and exceptional food presentation makes Four a one of a kind dinning experience.

Four changes their menu for each season providing diners with fresh, local and most importantly seasonal ingredients. Also, the different sections of the restaurant are inspired by the different seasons: winter, spring, autumn and summer. Continue reading

Poland Spring Water Bottle Caps Shrinking

Poland Spring is going hard on green initiatives. You may have already noticed on the Poland Spring poland springwater bottle labels that they are using less plastic and urge people to recycle. Also, they changed the bottle shape some time ago making it more environmentally friendly. Well guess what? They shrunk the plastic caps too! The other day I was about to twist off the cap of the bottle and noticed that the cap was half the size. I couldn’t believe how tiny the cap was. It’s like twisting a quarter on the top of the bottle after you finishing taking a sip.

The message on the new and improved bottle and cap says: “Smaller Cap=Less Plastic Did you notice this bottle has a shorter cap? This is part of our ongoing effort to reduce our impact on the environment. This bottle and cap contain an average of 20% less plastic than our original 0.5 L Eco-Shape bottle and cap.”

I probably should stop drinking from plastic bottles and be more eco-friendly. I think Poland Spring is trying to give their consumers the hint to use metal canteens and reusable containers. It seems like many students and even faculty members on campus are becoming more environmentally conscious. I see tons of metal canteens in all colors, sizes and even ones with funky patterns all around campus. It seems to be a new trend.

Halloween Food Costumes

food(Photo composite)

Tomorrow is Halloween and you really want to have a unique costume that sets you apart from all the vampires, school girls and Superman’s.  Why not consider being a food! I know it sounds outrageous but there are tons of food costumes to buy and even make.

While Halloween shopping at Party City on Middle Country Road in Centereach, my boyfriend and I tried on a Bacon and Egg costume. It was a slip on costume made out of foamy material. It was the most bizarre costume idea but it was priceless. Party City is also selling costumes to look like mustard and ketchup containers.

You can even be creative and create your own food costume. Why not be the Pillsbury dough boy. All you would need to do is wear white pants and a white shirt. You should buy a cheap chefs hat at any local party supply store and then write Pillsbury along the brim of the hat. Finish off the dough boy idea by wearing white gloves and carrying a wooden spoon. Continue reading