The difficulties of being a non-traditional student

Ok, here we go..

I’m 27 years old, from Europe, I have a significant other, a beautiful 2-year-old son, a cat, a dog, and plenty of bills to pay, clothes to wash, toys to pick-up and supermarket trips to make. But, I also have school, and by that I mean double-major, full-time course load university school.

“How do you do it?” other students ask me. Well…I don’t know. I just know that I don’t sleep much, that I’m used to typing articles and researching topics with a Baby Einstein DVD playing in the background or more recently, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (I think I’ve seen that movie at least 50 times with my son.) I know that when I get home I will cook, spend some time with my partner and have my son glued to me for the rest of the night. Also, I know that it would be impossible for  me to do any of this–the school, the son, the work– without the amazing help that I get from my partner. We’re a team, and that’s good to know.

It’s difficult, but I wouldn’t change anything either.  I know that I have to make an extra effort, but I’m happy because it’s an effort that has a reward.

And besides, who is a traditional student nowadays? My classmates may be 21 and 22, but many have full-time jobs, or loans, or are confused, or…well, many other things.

The important thing to me is that I feel accepted, that despite the sacrifices, I’m pursuing my dreams, bit by bit and step by step.

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