Paying for News Online

Axel Springer, the founder of the German newspaper publishing business that publishes the biggest daily in Europe says he wants publishers to get paid for their work on the Internet, even that almost everyone assumes that online news should be free.

            “A highly industrialized world cannot survive on rumors. It needs quality journalism, and that costs money,” said Springer.

            Yet, Springer is not the only one who is looking to make money off the Internet, Robert Murdoch, the chief executive of News Corp., has been saying that he plans to “erect so-called pay walls for his company’s newspaper Web sites.”

            Christoph Keese, Springer’s head of public affairs and an architect of its online strategy, said that he wants “publishers and Internet companies to work together to create a one-click marketplace solution for their online content.” In that system, Google or other Internet gateways would have links to the articles, videos or any other content but instead of allowing you to view the content for free, you would have a price tag.

            “A single mouse click would allow the user to pay for and view the pictures.” Readers could also pay one fee for unlimited access like a cell phone plan.

This situation relates to the course because this is the future of journalism. Articles are not looking for ways to re-invent print editions they are looking for ways to make money from the Internet. This article suggests the type of work that upcoming journalists are faced.

I would have to say I am torn by this situation. I say this because I am a news consumer and I have been receiving news content online for free for quite some time now and to be charged a fee after all this time would force me to try and look elsewhere for news content, but then again I am a journalist who wants to report and also get paid. It is a confusing topic but it is preparing for what I face upon graduation.


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