New York State has New License Plates (And They’re Retro)

New York State is instating a mandatory new license plate statewide called the “Empire Gold.” It will be required on all cars starting April of next year and will cost between 25-50 dollars for cars depending on the status of its registration.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles maintains the new license plate is being issued for “safety, law enforcement and the general integrity of the plate.”

The current license plate will have been in use for just over a decade by the time it is phased out. Citizens of the state and lawmakers are suggesting the revamp in license plates is a money making measure. The new plates will raise $260 million, according to “The New York Times.” The money from the switch will be put into a “general state fund,” and eventually towards the billions of dollars deficit in New York.

According to “The New York Times,” citizens of upstate New York feel like they are being “unfairly targeted,” due to the fact that a car is essential for travel upstate. Unlike in Manhattan, public transportation is few and far between.

The license reissuance will create 100 new jobs and prison inmates will make the license plates for 42 cents an hour. The newest feature on the yellow and navy plate is a reflective feature that many drivers complain their cars already are equipped with.

License renewals will be $16 more than last year and car rentals will now also include a 5% tax according to the Times.



  1. ew bro, there ugly :/

    • I like them! I saw one on a car parked outside my house (in Toronto) and wondered where it was from until I walked over and had a look. They are indeed retro, in a pleasing way… simple, unassuming, and best of all, no trite phrase! Ontario’s is one of the worst (“Yours to Discover”), although at least it’s not a URL to a tourism website like Pennsylvania’s and some others.

  2. There freakin Ugly. NY is takin money from Citizens and charging more taxes. Its just an excuse too make more money. The current plates are more original and have a good style to them. Why can’t they just keep the current ones and put reflective tape on those ones. Its just to make money. really, its outrages.

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