Luxury Cell Phones…Are They Worth It?

Cell phones are expensive enough and the bills that go with it, but seriously there are phones that are worth thousands of dollars. Call it a fashion statement if you will but these beautiful pieces of technology are better worth looking at in a museum than buying. If you have the money then, by all means knock yourself out but all I know is that I just need a cell phone that will let me have good reception let alone function. 

The Vertu, which is a British brand of luxury phones, debuted in 2002, and its newest model called the Constellation Ayxta. It goes for about $6,500, in stainless steel, while precious metal versions range up to $8,600.

Christian Dior, working with ModeLabs, the French manufacturer that TAG Heuer partnered with on the Meridiist, recently introduced the second-generation version of its luxury Dior phone. This phone up against iPhones and other “app phones,” falls short on functionality. They go for about $13,000 and ranges up to $50,000 for precious metal versions. These include a lacquered wooden docking station, complete with built-in speakers and a USB device for simultaneous backup and charging. Its touchscreen measures 3.2 inches, or 81 millimeters, high-definition video playback, 32 gigabytes of internal memory and a 8-megapixel camera. It runs on Google’s Android mobile operating system.

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