Health Code Violations at the Tabler Cafe

I wrote an article for the  Statesman about health code violations on campus at the Tabler Cafe.  When I talked to students I was amazed at how many were “grossed out”, but would eat there again.  Let me explain what the violations were.  There was an inadequate sneeze guard to protect food. When the sanitarian arrived fruit used to make crepes were exposed to anyone who had a cold, flu or respiratory illness.

There was no bayonet thermometer to measure the temperature of soups and thicker meats. Keeping food at a proper temperature is essential to avoid bacteria. Without a thermometer, the food manager can’t tell if  food should be discarded due to low temperatures, a breeding ground for bacteria.

And lastly there were no food logs.  The logs are used to record temperatures of food transported from one place to another.  The food from the Cafe is transported from Roth.

When told about the violations, one student seemed to give up on avoiding food borne illnesses on campus. If I don’t get sick eating here I’ll get sick eating somewhere else on campus, the sophomore said. id/20450512/


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