Stony Brook Students Should Study Abroad

Only five percent of students study abroad during their college careers according to With the current job market, it might be beneficial to have this experience. The Stony Brook study abroad office, located on the 5th floor of the Melville Library, is dedicated to helping students find the program to best suit them individually and to get financial aid and academic credits abroad.Stony Brook has the benefit of being a part of the SUNY system, meaning students here can choose from any of the programs offered by all SUNY schools. As a result, almost every country has an available program at SUNY tuition cost.There are winter programs in Ghana, Rome and Poland, plus many other locations. These programs last two to four weeks during the intersession break. Many students who cannot be away from campus for entire semester take part in these programs or in the summer programs.


Summer programs can range from a couple of weeks to months. Popular programs include study in Japan, Russia, Oxford, U.K and Tanzania. Students are accompanied by Stony Brook and SUNY faculty while abroad and take classes under their instruction.

If you’re interested in a longer stay abroad, the semester-long session is for you. Students can choose to study for fall or for spring or for both consecutively. Long term study abroad can range from four months, as is the case in the Florence program, to six months for Brighton, U.K.  While abroad, students are enrolled in different universities in their given country but remain Stony Brook students.

It is very important for students to attempt to study abroad if they are given the opportunity. Studying abroad not only opens up your access to the world, but also looks impressive on a job resume.



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  1. I am going to Rome for winter session =)

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