Pavement Reunites With NYC Shows

Seemingly defunct 1990s band Pavement recently announced a week-long residency at New York’s Central Park Summerstage in September 2010.  But don’t plan on waiting to buy tickets – the first Central Park show sold out in two minutes but there are some available for those seeking them.

Pavement was started in 1989 and remained a popular band throughout the ‘90s. Albums “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” and “Brighten the Corners” brought them both critical acclaim and many devoted fans. During the 10 years of the band’s existence, Pavement covered a wide range of musical genres, including punk, country, ballads and alternative rock.

Pavement’s final album, “Terror Twilight,” gained its name because, according to the band, “Twilight Terror is the short span between sunset and dusk; this is considered the most dangerous time in traffic, because half of the people switch on the headlights, and the other half doesn’t [sic]. It’s when most accidents happen.”

The album was originally set to be self-produced, but ended up being worked on by the producer of Beastie Boys albums. After its release, the band embarked on a six-month tour. By the end of the tour the band’s members were embittered with each. Lead singer Stephen Malkmus refused to speak to many of the members on the tour, putting a blanket over his head during a lot of the band’s time on the tour bus.

Their final concert was in London on November 20, 1999. Malkmus came to the stage with handcuffs attached to his microphone, explaining, “This is what it felt like being with the band all these years.” After that concert, Pavement was seen as being “done for the foreseeable future,” according to their publicist at the time.

The 2010 shows will be the first tour the band has embarked on since the 1999 incident. Though it is unclear why Pavement will be reuniting, rumors have spread that the tour is slated to coincide with both the 20th anniversary of Matador Records, the band’s label, and the 20th anniversary of the band’s founding.

Below is the video for the band’s hit, “Cut Your Hair.”


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