Poland Spring Water Bottle Caps Shrinking

Poland Spring is going hard on green initiatives. You may have already noticed on the Poland Spring poland springwater bottle labels that they are using less plastic and urge people to recycle. Also, they changed the bottle shape some time ago making it more environmentally friendly. Well guess what? They shrunk the plastic caps too! The other day I was about to twist off the cap of the bottle and noticed that the cap was half the size. I couldn’t believe how tiny the cap was. It’s like twisting a quarter on the top of the bottle after you finishing taking a sip.

The message on the new and improved bottle and cap says: “Smaller Cap=Less Plastic Did you notice this bottle has a shorter cap? This is part of our ongoing effort to reduce our impact on the environment. This bottle and cap contain an average of 20% less plastic than our original 0.5 L Eco-Shape bottle and cap.”

I probably should stop drinking from plastic bottles and be more eco-friendly. I think Poland Spring is trying to give their consumers the hint to use metal canteens and reusable containers. It seems like many students and even faculty members on campus are becoming more environmentally conscious. I see tons of metal canteens in all colors, sizes and even ones with funky patterns all around campus. It seems to be a new trend.


  1. These smaller caps are HORRIBLE !!!! First of all it’s almost impossible to remove the caps , expecially for us “older generation”- cannot get a grip on them at all – then when you do get the cap off you are holding on to the bottle so tight that the water splashes out. Also when you don’t finish a bottle it’s not easy to get the caps back on.

    • I agree with Marilyn – the new caps are terrible. I understand how they are better from an environmental perspective, but for those of us who add drink mixes to our water and then TRY to reseal the cap in order to shake it, the new cap takes 5 to 10 tries to get it to seat properly!

      Please bring back the old caps!!!!

  2. One thing I’ve noticed no matter what the brand… My thumb and index finger rub against the threaded part of the bottle when I open these smaller caps. That means the germs that are on my fingertips are transferred to the part of the bottle that touches my mouth. Considering that many folks sip their water over the course of the day this might be a bad design as you will be more likely to ingest germs from your fingers.

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