Halloween Food Costumes

food(Photo composite)

Tomorrow is Halloween and you really want to have a unique costume that sets you apart from all the vampires, school girls and Superman’s.  Why not consider being a food! I know it sounds outrageous but there are tons of food costumes to buy and even make.

While Halloween shopping at Party City on Middle Country Road in Centereach, my boyfriend and I tried on a Bacon and Egg costume. It was a slip on costume made out of foamy material. It was the most bizarre costume idea but it was priceless. Party City is also selling costumes to look like mustard and ketchup containers.

You can even be creative and create your own food costume. Why not be the Pillsbury dough boy. All you would need to do is wear white pants and a white shirt. You should buy a cheap chefs hat at any local party supply store and then write Pillsbury along the brim of the hat. Finish off the dough boy idea by wearing white gloves and carrying a wooden spoon.

Here are a few more links with food costume ideas. Maybe your costume will be awarded most unusual or best costume at your friends Halloween party!

1. Party City

2. Serious Eats


Photos: http://www.costumecraze.com/HUMR65.html,


www.nexternal.com/…/ images/21235-BACONM.jpg,


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