Daylight Saving time = “Energy Saving Time”

Balconey Chair

This Sunday we will change the time from 2.00 am to 1.00 am. The name of the period says what we do it for: To save one hour of daylight in the evenings. That means it gets dark one hour later on our clocks. In Europe we just call it “Summer time” and “Winter time” but the reason is a different one. We don’t do it to save daylight but to save energy because if it gets dark one hour later you switch on the light in your home one hour later. That’s what it is intended to do but of course people are discussing if this really works and if we should abolish to change the time every half a year. Moreover it is kind of confusing that Europe changes the time one week before America does so.

Each time people cannot remember in which direction they should change their clocks. In Germany we have a trick to remember: The words “before” and “in front of” have the same translation in German it means “vor”. So we say : In Spring you put the chairs “in front of” your house on the balcony, so you change your clock one hour “before”. In Fall you put them “back” into the house, so you change the clock one hour “back”.


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