New Wii Game From The Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked

Get your Wii remotes ready for some chopping, dicing, flipping, stirring and mashing. I was scrolling around, it’s a really awesome food blog, and I came across a post about a new Wii game. Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked was created by Food Network kitchens executive chefs and it is expected to be released in stores on Nov. 3. This food friendly video game puts you inside the kitchen and tests your cooking skills. Sounds neat right? Once you finish cooking your entree it is judged by top Food Network staff members.You better hope you did a good job or else your dish is going to get bad reviews.

The only thing this new game needs is smell-o-vision and maybe a taste testing device.( hey your never know, technology is amazing). I will most likely be renting a copy at Blockbuster and testing the game out. Food Network is by far my favorite channel. My TV no matter when or at what time it is always on the Food Network. I am really curious to see how well done the game is. The graphics look awesome. They really have seemed to captured the essence of a home kitchen and what actual food looks like.

Video games have come a long way. This game looks like an upscale version of Cooking Mama another popular food game. I own and have played Cooking Mama and I personally think some of the tasks they make you do on the game are a million times harder than in real life. I must say it does get very competitive when my sisters and I race to see who can crack eggs quicker or mix a cake batter.

So, maybe when you have some free time you can play Cook or Be Cooked and challenge your friends to see who can cook a better virtual meal!


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