Are There Journalism Jobs?

With News Jobs Vanishing, Why are Journalism Schools Still Enrolling Students? by Peter Scheer is asking the question of why Journalism schools are continuing to enroll students when jobs are so scarce.

Scheer goes on to state that “Job openings for graduates of all professional schools have fallen sharply in the last year. Lawyers, accountants, engineer, newly-minted MBAs and teachers are in excess supply in a cyclically depressed economy.” According to Scheer , these job markets will eventually recover, unfortunately, journalism will continue to let employees go, part due to the economy and part due to the rapidly changing pace of technology.

Scheer provides an explanation saying that the reason journalism schools remain open and continue to train aspiring journalists is because they are looking to replace veteran journalists with cheap labor. “Does it make sense for them to be subsidizing the accelerate dislocation of one generation of their graduate to make room for a younger generation of their graduates? In the investment world this is called a Ponzi scheme.” Scheer also provides another explanation suggesting that journalism majors are headed to Public Relations professions.

As the article continues, the idea that the need to incorporate digital media within content should be the initial thought instead of an after math is brought to the table. This situation relates to not only me but all aspiring journalists because this is what we are staying up to those wee hours of the night studying for.

While this is only one article out of the bunch on this topic, it is important for anyone to keep a well rounded open mind from all different angles and perceptions.

As a journalism major, this really makes you think about the job market and what exactly is in store for those who are graduating soon. The major requires a lot of times, dedication, and learning skills to really understand and adapt to the journalism world.

I feel that this is just one of the many view points about where journalism is headed. Journalism has always gone through many different changes. There was the radio, which of course delivered information must faster than a newspaper and then came the television, which delivered news faster than the radio and the newspaper. Now that we have the internet, I believe we should all better educate ourselves with online tools to adjust and familiarize ourselves to the changing environment in which we live in.

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