Ladybird plague on campus



Right now there are six ladybirds sitting on my window and three made it into my room even through the net.

We have a ladybird plague on campus!

I didn’t know that this is the time for them, I mean it’s the end of october. And moreover, since when do they live in swarms? Has anybody else seen such a lot of them or is it just me? I hope they are just usual bugs, but the way they behave lets me guess that they are maybe not that natural but extra terrestrial? I am a bit scared.

And this scares me even more than the upcoming swine flu plague. Thank god they give us a vaccine against the flu, but I would prefer to get some poison against those scary ladybirds, I am afraid that they are planning to attack me – right now.  Maybe I should kill them before they can realize their plan.


  1. I just heard about this today! I can’t believe we have a ladybug problem. I like ladybugs I think they are really pretty.

  2. I know whats up with these lady bugs! There all over the library premises and one actually traveled on hand bag when I went into my dorm! UGH!

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