Candy Sushi

I never imaged the mixture of sushi and candy! It’s a really neat, I think. Perhaps you are not a fan of fish, but you enjoy Swedish fish. It looks like candy sushi will be a perfect fun snack for you to make and eat. I found a lot of different ways to make these sweet treats. Fruit roll-ups are usually used to be the pretend seaweed. The rice is imitated by either Rice Krispies Treats, marshmallows or even mini powdered donuts. The inside part of the sushi roll can really be created with anything from you imagination. It could include anything from Swedish fish, gummy

worms to Twizzlers. Whatever candy you like will work. The picture to the right even includes a roll that looks like a Twinkie wrapped in fruit roll-up. (Who would of thought?)  Students are always willing to try new things, so why not candy sushi.

Here are some links to check out with some recipes and helpful tips to make candy sushi.


*Some other ideas: What about chocolate syrup as soy sauce or maybe vanilla icing with green food coloring scooped on a plate to look like wasabi. The possibilities are endless! Make your own creations and give your rolls creative names.



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