Sushi Secrets:What kind of fish are you getting when you order sushi?

I am came across this video on YouTube and it was really eye-opening, especially because I enjoy sushi and eat it at least once a week. Finding out that restaurants could be using other fish then what their menu says is very shocking.

In my own personal sushi experience something like that happened to me. I order a spicy tuna roll  in a Japanese restaurant in Binghamton, New York. When I received my order the spicy tuna was more of an orange color compared to its usual rich red color. It seemed as if they tried to serve me salmon instead of tuna. I didn’t make a compliment and just ate it anyway. However, after seeing this video I think I was in-fact served the wrong type of fish.

Keep an eye out and watch what kind of fish is being served on your plate the next time you order sushi.


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