Eggs For Breakfast?


As a child mom would send me to the local deli for breakfast. To this day I hate going to the deli for mom because she’s unusually specific about her food.  For example , she eats her eggs fried with cheese not  really over easy. The yoke has to be just slightly cooked and broken right before  it hits her plate and by that I mean runny.  The sight of her eating the yellow goo routinely left me nauseous. Now she says that she no longer  eats eggs for breakfast because they make her sick.

Salmonella in the eggs could have been the problem.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires the egg producers obtain chicks that are certified Salmonella free, that the hens are kept in houses that are free from rodents and other Salmonella carrying sources, that the houses are continually tested for Salmonella, and that the eggs are stored at temperatures that retard Salmonella growth, according to their site.

Eating eggs that are improperly handled and cooked could lead to intestinal illnesses. The FDA also list some suggestions for consumers to hep ensure they don’t get sick, find on the FDA’s Web site.


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