Food Nightmares

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After an arduous day of back to back classes, deadlines, and little food I was exhausted and famished.It was after 9pm. I went on a scavenger hunt in my refrigerator and found some chili left over from another day. The recipe contained kidney beens, black beens, various kinds of peppers and bits of bacon in it.  You can find the recipe in Down Home With The Neelys cookbook. I melted  cheese over top the chili and feasted.

I got to sleep about 10:30.  In what seemed like minutes, I was chased by an angry tribal group wearing nothing but a loin cloth.  I was surrounded by total darkness.  My heart palpitated as I tried to out run them  I hid behind a tree, only to find they were in front of me.  The tribe performed a dance around me and tied me to the tree that I just seconds ago ran to for safety. One arm at a time, I struggled to break free of the ropes around my wrist. As they moved closer, their red face paint stood out from the darkness. In fear I screamed but there was no sound. I gasped. Then I woke up.

Remember when television character Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show ate a sausage hero before sleeping and experienced the most proposterous nightmare. It’s hysterical.  Watch it below.

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