The beauty of libraries

I recenty went to Barnes & Nobles. I  was looking for something fun that would take my mind off of school (and all of the other responsibilites of daily life) and when I was browsing the “New Arrivals” section I saw the latest book by Dan Brown, titled The Lost Symbol. Since The Da Vinci Code was so entertaining, I thought that by getting The Lost Symbol I would accomplish my distraction-from-real-life goal.

That’s when the problems started. First,t he book was priced at $29.95, which I thought was super-expensive and second, I had a $20 bill on me. So, more than disappointed, I left the store.

A couple of days later I went to my local library to get some books for my 2-year-old and I decided that I would also get a book there since my intention of buying one had failed. But then I thought about the Dan Brown book and how by not getting it I wanted it even more so I said…”What the heck! I’ll give it a try here…” When I searched on the library’s database I was positively surprised that there were like 4 copies of the book, plus an audiobook, all for FREE. I had just saved $30!!

The myth in my mind has finally gone away…local libraries do carry more than old stuff, at least mine does. So, bye B&N, hello local library.

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