Afghan Pop Star…a big step towards democracy

After 30 years of war and Taliban rule, Afghanistan is seeing for the first time glimpses of hope. These come in the most unusual ways, but when life and freedom of expression are at stake, many will risk the impossible to achieve that dream.

Such is the case of Aghan Pop Star. This is the documentary of four contestants who risk more than their voices when they decide to participate in the Afghan version of American idol. The country has been riveted by this show. Thousands of people sending their votes through text messages and pouring over their TV’s every night waiting for the results are not only being participants in the fate of their favorite contestant,  but in the fate of their country. Voting, even for Afghan Pop Star, is seen as hope, as democracy.

The contestants will have to fight against the established institutions that will do anything in their power to stop the show.

The documentary is directed by Havana Marking and has won the directing prize and the audience award at Sundance’s World Documentary section in 2009

Afghan Pop Star has been bought by HBO and will be screening it in the Spring. Don’t miss it!


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  1. interesting !

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