CASB Carnival

By Raimundo Ortiz

The Chinese Association of Stony Brook, (CASB) held a carnival last night full of games, music, food, and prizes to help raise money for the Filipino typhoon recovery effort.  Among the games were Fish Pong, Fetch the Food,  and Bottle Fishing.

In Fish Pong, cups are set up, some with marbles in them.  A player gets 3 ping-pong balls. If the player gets a ball in a marble filled cup he/she wins a goldfish!  Two in earns you a goldfish and a ticket.

In Fetch the Food, the concept is simple.   There is a see-saw like device set up.  One end has a container in which a marshmallow is placed.  The player steps on the other side rather hard, in order to launch the marshmallow into the air.  Then you do your best to catch it.  Your prize is a tasty marshmallow, and a ticket.

In Bottle Fishing, the game is simple, but difficult.  Champagne bottles are laid on the floor, and the player has a stick with a string attached.  The player must get the string, which has a loop around the top of the bottle and pull it upright in under 20 seconds.  Winners get a ticket.

These tickets can be redeemed for prizes such as a cotton-candy machine, T-Shirts, a fish tank, or just some plain old candy.

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