Food and the Healthcare Debate

Last night I was on , looking for tips on  how to properly dispose of houselhold items, and noticed an article on food and the healthcare debate.  

In the article “6 Reasons Food is Essential to the Healthcare Debate” David Defranza says that we should focus on health and not healthcare. He believes the debate should shift from “access and cost,”  to food, namelywhat and how we eat it.

He maintains that the cost of treating preventable chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease is astronomical. Indeed, according to the federal Center for Disease Control, diseases of the heart is the leading cause of death in the United States at 652,00o people in 2005. Many disesases of the heart have been linked to diet.

Defranza contends, that eating healthier, more locally grown foods would not only keep America healthier it would also save money on healthcare and help save the earth.

What do you think?


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