E-coli in Our Hamburgers

Recently, I read an article in the New York Times about Stephanie Smith. A 22 year old woman who was paralyzed from doing something Americans do every day, eating a hamburger.  Unfortunately, the grilled hamburger she ate at a family barbecue contained e-coli.  Smith was stricken with what she thought was a stomach virus. That turned into a visit to the emergency room where doctors induced a coma until they could figure out what was wrong with her. According to the article this was an extreme reaction to the e-coli contaminate in food.  However, many people are affected every day by the unsafe practices of slaughterhouses and loose FDA rules.

The news caused me to reevaluate my diet even more than I do.  The conclusion I’ve come to is to limit my ground beef intake. My next hamburger will come from ground beef from a butcher not a slaughterhouse.

After reading this, will you eat hambuger meat again?


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  1. I saw this story too and I literally gagged while reading it. I have vowed not to eat ground meat again unless someone grounds it in front of me (and I want the best quality meat!.) Anyway, if you want more info on bacteria E. Coli and how to keep from catching it, go to the link posted below. (CDC website)


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