Hollywood…this is not working

I just looove movies. But not any type of movie, but those that stir something good and profound in you. It can be laugh, or sadness, or shock, or solidarity, or love…an emotion… isn’t that the purpose of all movie-making? You could argue that the SAW series inspires disgust and fear and therefore must qualify into my kind of movies, but the truth is that it doesn’t (I actually hate SAW and all of the likes.) I’m not talking about sensationalism, gore, demagoguery, cliched stories. I’m talking about real, original emotion. There are great horror/thriller movies that have become instant classics (i.e. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, see synopsis here), but that doesn’t mean that all movies that follow The Shining formula should be good.

I believe this is one of the main problems of today’s blockbusters. Yes, many movies are commercial, full of effects or with high-paid actors, but still, cookie cutters. The same plot, the same story line is used over and over again. In part, this is due to monetary reasons. As of today there are only six big major film studios that control the market and as sales of DVD decline, the pressure to prolong the success of a movie is on. Movies have now prequels and sequels, old movies are remade and merchandising is everywhere (Twilight umbrellas and pillow cases?) Quality is not the priority anymore, but financial gain. And in the age of the Internet that becomes more and more difficult for the studios. A recent LA Times article explains how half of a studios income comes from the sales of DVD’s, but since people aren’t buying them, Hollywood is going into panic mode.

Like in journalism, old financial methods aren’t working.

So here is my proposed new model for Hollywood….

1) invest in quality, not quantity– we want GOOD movies, who thought it was a good idea to add yet another Rocky movie??

2) Embrace new technologies– hey, it’s the 21st century…it’s soo expensive to go to your local Blockbuster chain ($5 for a movie that you could probably get on Netflix by much less??) and in the middle of this financial crisis I don’t think too many people are going to shed $20 for a DVD when they can download it on the Internet.,

3) Diversify– I’m so tired to see the same movies but with different names over and over again…, try picking up some indie movies or even foreign-made films.

I know I’m not an expert, but I’m a consumer…I hope it counts

Picture from http://www.obscurehorror.com


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