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As part of the JSchool curriculum, our job as investigative students is to check out the different websites that are circulating the Internet that pertain to our journalistic knowledge. In my JRN 301, I came across this website, News 21

News 21 is a very determined and motivated project. These students attempt to chart a course of modernism for news coverage. News 21 is led by 12 of America’s leading research universities with the support of two major foundations- Carnegie and Knight- which has expanded their funding for News21 through 2011, allowing the program to increase.

With the support of these two foundations, News21 is fortunate to be able to experiment with new forms of investigative reporting and multimedia storytelling.

From looking at the website, it seems that this journalism is not meant to be a text story or a broadcast piece. It is very digital.

News 21 provides a link to demonstrate their issues that are “impacting several nations’ major cities, from education in New York to immigration in Las Vegas.

I came across this story: Breaking Through: Children of Immigrants Face Struggle    

Where author Emily Henry from the University Of Southern California- Annenberg School Of Journalism- investigated the children of immigrants. This page alone contained a photo gallery with words across the picture, related links to other stories, an introduction, and a video presentation that interviewed children of immigrants.

Along with this page there is an editorial section, here is an excerpt from this topic:  “If these children, who are not only American citizens, but also, inevitably, hold the key to California’s future welfare, experience such a dramatic blow to their already-limited resource bank, the consequences for the entire state will be dire. Second generation immigrants carry the burden of success: they must climb the social ladder from bottom to top if they are to fill the void being left by a retiring baby-boom generation, as USC Professor Dowell Myers explains in his book “Immigrants and Boomers.”

This page also contained a “reporter’s notebook,” where the reporter actually went a visited a family to talk of their hardships about migrating from Mexico and a recorder, where the viewer just listens to an interview.

I was completely impressed with News 21 and encourage all to check it out!


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