Powerful movie shown during Hispanic Heritage Month

The Hispanic Heritage Month starts Thursday October 1 and ends November 8 at Stony Brook. Many events will be held during this important month. Among these, a powerful film will be screened on Friday October 2 at 9pm. Sin Nombre,   made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was critically acclaimed by the jury as well as recognized internationally. I had the opportunity to watch the movie and I was left in shock once it ended. I couldn’t believe all of what the protagonists have to go through and I couldn’t believe that what the movie describes is real for thousands of people in Central America and specifically in the Mexico-USA border.

The movie is about Sayra, a Honduran teenager who after being reunited with her father, starts the difficult and dangerous journey of hiking towards the Mexico-USA border with her family. El Casper, a Mexican gang member, joins Sayra in her journey after a series of tragic events. Casper wants to flee his criminal life, but in a country dominated by gangs it proves difficult if not impossible. The ending is sad and very shocking.

The film lasts 96 min., is rated R and it is in Spanish with English subtitles. It costs $6 for SB students and $8 for non-students.


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