Cross-cultural movie


Have you seen Inglourious Basterds? I saw it last week and for me it was not only a movie, but a really touching experience about culture. I went there with a friend from Denmark and a friend from Montréal, Canada. As you know I’m from Germany, but I also speak English as well as French. When I was sitting in the cinema all of the different cultures clashed together. Can you imagine how it feels when you see the Nazis, that you personally only know from history books, but now they aren’t called “Nazis”, but only “Germans”? It made me feel as if I would belong to them, when they were talking German, without subtitles, and I was the only one in the cinema who understood what they said. Before I came to America I was really afraid about how people would react, when I said that I’m from Germany, but I didn’t experience anything bad. I am positively astonished. Maybe we all grow together thanks to things like facebook, semesters abroad and movies about ourselves.


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