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On Thursday night a SBU student organized a trip to Webster Hall, a club in Manhattan. Of course I took part, because it’s a great thing to tell people at home that I have been clubbing in Manhattan and it seemed to be a lot of fun. At 10 p.m. we met at the SAC to go there on a Coach bus. To give the event an extra amount of fun, we brought some beer to drink on the bus. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to drink alcohol in a car in the United States. I have heard about that before, but as the girl told us that she would also bring alcohol we hoped that there would be a “special party bus rule.” I can tell you there isn’t an exception. The bus driver called the police and told us that he wouldn’t drive one meter if there was a single bottle of liquor in the bus. So we got out of the bus, drank the beer outside and came back.

I am really interested where this rule comes from. Now I know that it is even against the law to have bottles in your car when you return from the supermarket. They have to be stored in the trunk. What do people do you drive a Smart which has no trunk. Stay sober their whole life?

photo: Claudia Pajonck

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