HIV Vaccine: A Suprising Medical Breakthrough




It is probably one of the most anticipated medical breakthroughs of all times… a possible HIV vaccine.  Researchers and scientist have finally found an experimental vaccine that has surprisingly prevented infection with the AIDs Virus. 

Last Thursday in Bangkok, researchers have stated that after experimenting with 16,000 volunteers involved in the world’s largest aids trial, that the vaccine cut the risk of  those being infected with the AIDS virus by more than 31 percent.

What I think:  I think this is absolutely amazing, especially when I never thought such a breakthrough in research could actually happen in my lifetime.  When considering how many people in Africa, and all parts of the world that lose their life over the deadly AIDS epidemic, daily, its a sigh of relief for me and I believe a few others.  With this new HIV Vaccine, more lives could be saved.  I am probably one of many people that though that such a vaccine for such a disease was just talk.  But now I truly commend and truly believe in the scientists and researchers that are really doing arduous work and constant research that will change the face of this planet for the human race.  To them: I will applaud.


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