Gaga’s Fashion Faux Pas: What Was She Thinking?

Although Kanye’s spectacle onstage at the VMA’s was the  main talk of  recent entertainment news, who could forget Lady Gaga’s overall appeareance.  Well, if you haven’t seen the VMA’s or seen any footage of it here is your chance to see some snap shots with my comments:

(Photos ranged from A to E from left to right)

What I think of Photo A: Evil Gaga Poppins? Her Gaga’s head looks like it is being regurgitated by a big black crow. Overall her look resembles a cross between a big black bird/ an Evil Mary Poppins.

What I think of Photo B: Bloody Gaga.. Some think Gaga’s performance of Paparazzi killed… literally… but I think this bloody climax was too much for my liking.  Can someone say…. ???

What I think of Photo C: Gaga! Queen of the Drapes! She look like she got tangled up in some curtains and fell in some red paint.

What I think of Photo D: Gaga …feeling a little clammy? She looks like she was trying out for one of the sea creatures in the stage performance of Litte Mermaid.

What I think of Photo E: Star Wars: Return of the Gaga.  Or should I say  Princess Laya’s/Gaga’s wedding.  (Sigh) What was she thinking. She looks like she got caught in an insect net, while wearing my mom’s kitchen curtains on her head, attached by extra terrestrial things…. yeah cuz I have no idea what those ciruclar things are.  So lets call them things.

Stay tuned for more Gaga Fashion Faux Pas next week and see what I think of them!


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  1. Totally agree with you….if she was trying to make a statement, she did it…the thing is I don’t know about what exactly (Faceless divas? Bloody, creepy performances? Weird and gigantic hair accessories?) One thing is for sure, she was anything but ordinary.

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