– The Ultimate Form of Procrastination

We’re officially on week three of classes, and the soul-numbing reading we’ve casually abandoned since the first day of classes is more or less, catching up to us at a full-out sprint (I’m talking Usain-Bolt fast, here).

Long story short, it’s fully about to tackle us face-first into the goose excrement-tainted waters of Roth Pond and leave us there to float facedown amongst the lillypads for an unspecified amount of time-that is, unless, we actually get cracking on some of those assignments.

But really, who has the time for that when there are so many interesting and time-consuming methods of distraction on the Internet these days?


I’ve been spending an unhealthy amount of time here lately as I systematically avoid doing anything of educational value. I’m not sure how many people have already stumbled upon this, but if you require a briefing, it’s essentially the Fail Blog of Stony Brook University. Launched in 2001, the site is one massive rant about the observed shortcomings (yes, there are pictures) of our beloved undergraduate institution.  I’m sure that we all have our stories attesting to the blunt premise the site delivers…but somehow, it’s kind of refreshing to know that we actually have a place to voice these complaints without appearing whiney, unappreciative or just plain pessimistic.

“Why does it suck so much?” posited the Webmaster, a 2001 Stony Brook alumnus, via textbox on the site’s cluttered homepage. “I don’t have enough time, room or web space to explain. That is why I created this site. This site is designed to be a place where Stony Brook students can gather and openly discuss their experience at Stony Brook.”

To tell you the truth, I was surprised by the amount of content that this site actually offers. I mean, this indicates that a decent number of people-other than myself and other chronic ‘lurkers’-must actually visit this site, agree with the premise and have a substantial desire to contribute material. This, of course, also means that they have something of value to post.

I was even more surprised, however, that a lot of the content is actually funny, decently useful or eerily dead-on.

Throughout the years, students have posted pictures of abnormal sights on campus (do check out “SunySB Oddities” on the right panel), essay complaints regarding the boxy or downright unusual architecture, (see The Alex Theory on milk carton-themed construction) an Orientation horror story for incoming freshman, professor ratings, a chemistry survival handbook, a clock that ticks off the seconds until graduation for each outgoing class, A.I.M. buddy icons, a message board and, of course, a photo montage of scantily clad girls holding homemade advertisements for the site.

I post this not only because it’s a great way to kill time when you’re desperately searching for a way out of the 1,500-word paper you’ve put off since the beginning of the month, but rather because I think that people should generally be aware of it. When the occasionally overwhelming stress of schoolwork threatens to give you an ulcer at the age of 20, why not come here for a few minutes and entertain yourself-maybe even add something to the discussion? After all, not to sound too progressive here, but how is anything going to change if we don’t point out the problems?

For now, I’m just encouraging you guys to have fun with it.

School can be just another term for the act of paying for panic attacks, and yes, we in the journalism major are often swamped with work and upcoming deadlines. Take a minute or two out of your day, put down the paper (never mind that you’ve got a news quiz coming up) and enjoy another wasted, yet thoroughly enjoyable, moment brought to you by your good friend, procrastination.


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