Pillsbury-Brownie Minis


Pillsbury has a new baking product out on the market called Brownie Minis. I recently tried their mini brownie bites and  I will be buying another box!

Pillsbury provides everything you need to bake the brownies including the disposable baking tray. It’s really easy for college students because it requires you to add only one ingredient, water. A few tablespoons to the pre-packaged mix, a few stirs to incorporate it and your batter is all set to go.

brownieAfter fifteen minutes  in the oven they are all done and ready to eat. I would say from start to finish this dessert takes about 20 minutes to complete. The brownie minis are very moist. Throughout  the batter there are chocolate morsels that melt when baking that give the brownie extra goodness. If you love Pillsbury’s fudge brownies you will love these.


You won’t be able to just have one. You will keep coming back for more. If you do not get to finish them all, put them in a Ziploc bag and pack them in your bag for a small snack during class.

I definitely think Pillsbury put into consideration the busy lifestyle many people have these days. I think college students who are weary about cooking or baking could benefit from products like this because they are no fuss, very easy to make and taste great. It definitely tastes better than a pre-packaged product. Also, if your watching what you eat the brownie bites are  just 150 calories per serving.


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