Waste of Energy

see also: The Big Red Going Hard on Going Green

I don’t know how much people know about the stereotypes other cultures have about them. Well, Europeans have a lot of them about Americans. Americans are said to be fat, arrogant, superficial and waste a lot of energy. One of the reasons why I am here for one semester is to find out what is the truth about that. After nearly four weeks, I can say that most people in New York and on campus have a normal weight and are quite friendly! But what can I say about this other thing?

I’m sorry to say it, but YES Americans waste a LOT of energy! It starts with an air conditioner in every room on campus, it goes on with twenty plastic bags you get in the supermarket and it ends with plastic cutlery in the food court. As you are used to it you might not see it, but for me it is so different than at home. We don’t have so many air conditioners. We just wear t-shirts and short pants when it’s hot. When we go to the supermarket we bring our own bags or box to put the food in. When we eat in the food court, we use steel cutlery and the staff washes them after use.

Maybe it is part of the “cultural shock” I experience here, but it makes me kind of angry to see that people are proud on “going green” when they just don’t do it. (And please don’t tell me it saves water if you don’t wash the cutlery and plates, I know it does, but this is nothing in comparison.)



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