Student Health Center


This week I had my first experience with the Student Health Service (SHS). Because I don’t have better or cheaper insurance from home, as an international student, I had to take the University’s insurance. I didn’t hesitate to go to the SHS when I was sick and couldn’t even stand upright on Monday.

On Sunday I had been in New Jersey at an outlet mall where some Chinese food made me vomit. When I arrived at the SHS a nice nurse at the entrance explained to me that I couldn’t see a doctor because I didn’t have an appointment. I convinced her to let me wait (maybe she gave in because I was nearly crying because of the pain). After only one hour I saw a nurse, to whom I explained the matter. We had a quite funny conversation.

She asked me, whether I had a “diarrhea,” but I didn’t know this word. In my thoughts I mixed it up with “gonorrhea” and wondered why she wanted to know something about sexual diseases. Well, I answered “no,” but maybe she recognized my astonished face, so she explained with many words what she meant.

After that I saw the doctor who told me what I already knew: It was  food poisoning. Her advice? Start to eat right now, then you’ll feel better.


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