Where Are All the Newspapers?

Like it or not, we are entering a new era…death of journalism

Image: coloradoindependent.com

In my last two or three journalism classes this week, I couldn’t help but notice that each class discussed the decrease in newspaper circulation.

According to The State of the News Media, a solid majority of those surveyed (57%) say the Internet is “changing the fundamental values of journalism.” Respondents said “the biggest changes were a loosening of standards, more outside voices and an increased emphasis on speed.”

The country’s great regional dailies — the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer — are in bankruptcy, and Denver’s Rocky Mountain News closed down. The San Francisco Chronicle, reportedly losing $1 million a week, are threatening to shut the paper down, which would leave a major city without a major daily newspaper.  The 101-year-old Christian Science Monitor is folding its daily print edition and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer decided to end with print, go from a news staff of 165 to about twenty and enter the online version of its newspaper.

As a journalism major about to graduate… pretty nervous to enter the “real world.”

Another topic that could not go unnoticed: Is journalism more about making profits? Or are American citizens more interested in hearing/reading celebrity gossip?

I say this because I came across USA Today with a relatively large picture of Kanye West giving Taylor Swift’s thunder to Beyonce and Obama’s healthcare plan was kind of pushed off to the side. Is the issue with Kanye West’s behavior bigger than learning about what our President of the United States has to say about our healthcare?


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